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The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Rental Property

cleaning service for rental

Most landlords believe that owning a rental property is a passive investment. To some extent, that may be true. However, we advise it all depends on the strategies you deploy in managing their investment. Rental property management can be a tedious task. But you can outsource some tasking duties and enjoy your passive investment.

Some responsibilities you will oversee when managing a rental property include tenant screening, adverts, repairs, maintenance, pest control, rent collection, evictions, cleaning, etc. cleaning, in particular, is one of the most essential aspects of managing a rental property. However, some landlords or property managers downplay this aspect. That is because they believe all cleaning is the same and anyone can do it. Therefore, they do it themselves or call amateurs to handle the job.

Rental Property Cleaning

How you approach rental property cleaning determines your strategy for other property management aspects. If you aim to achieve excellent property management, we recommend you hire a cleaning service. Here, we will explain why hiring a cleaning service for your rental property is beneficial.

cleaning service for rental
  1. Hiring a cleaning service saves money

Think about all of the things you wash in your kitchen sink… dirty dishes, dirty hands, fruit from the store, pet bowls, and anything else you may use your kitchen sink for. Everything you’re washing off lands and stays in your sink.

That moist environment sounds like an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to me. Let not forget so are the food particles and other residues left behind when you wash dishes.

Cleaning Tools And Equipment

You will buy the rental property’s cleaning equipment, tools, and supplies. These items are necessary for you to deliver a good job. These cleaning materials consume more money than hiring a cleaning service.

You may only need some of these items again temporarily, especially when cleaning between tenants. Most of these materials may expire or wear out before you use them again. This way, you spend money on items you only use occasionally. However, hiring a cleaning service will cost less than buying cleaning supplies and tools.

Also, professional cleaners will only use the proper cleaning supplies for your rental property. By doing so, they will reduce wear and tear, and you won’t be conducting repairs frequently. Amateurs may use corrosive chemicals that will damage your floors, walls, and curtains. That will make you spend more money on frequent replacements or repairs.

 2. It gives you a professional business image

Hiring a cleaning service will ensure your rental property is as clean as a five-star hotel. Tenants will enjoy the cozy environment of the rental and give you a positive review. They will also aim to maintain similar cleaning standards on your property. As a result, you will have a positive reputation, and renters will see that you are serious about your business.

 3. Helps in tenant retention

High-quality tenants love to stay in a clean environment. But only some rental properties offer the pristine environment they desire. For this reason, they tend to retain a clean rental property when they find it.


The property becomes more attractive when renters notice that the landlord or property manager has hired a cleaning service. This makes your tenants feel more comfortable to stay longer in the property. A dirty or unkempt apartment will drive renters away. Hiring a cleaning service will ensure that your rental property is clean and attractive, to the extent that quality tenants will want to take advantage of it.

cleaning service for rental

 4. Boost your property’s value

Your property will be in high demand once tenants notice that you’ve hired the services of a cleaning company. With this surging demand comes more value. It can even make your rents higher than similar properties in the area.

Renters are willing to pay more for a clean environment. However, the effects of dirty rental property are numerous. It leads to poor tenant retention, high vacancy rates, wear and tear, and loss of value. The property will be less attractive to buyers if the landlord intends to sell it in the future.

 5. Quick service delivery

Quality cleaning is time-consuming. Depending on the size of the rental property, it can take weeks for a single person or amateurs to complete the job. But this is different when you hire the services of a cleaning company. That is because the cleaning company can send a group of professional cleaners to complete the task in 24 hours. These experts understand the need for quick delivery.

They will ensure that they finish cleaning the property within the shortest possible time so that it will be ready for prospective tenants to inspect and move in. If you choose to do the cleaning yourself, it may take longer. The property will stay vacant throughout this period because you will not want to show a dirty property to prospective tenants.


Competent landlords and property managers hire cleaning services for their rental properties so they can focus and sharpen their skills in other aspects of property management. You will boost your reputation and the quality of service delivery when you hire a cleaning service.

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