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Meet The Owner

Meet the founder of Zauli Maids, a cleaning service that has been sweeping clean the competition for over 25 years! Born and raised in Brazil, she made her way to the Big Apple, New York City, before eventually landing in sunny Florida in 2007.


Despite facing countless obstacles as a single mother of two kids in a new country, Juliana refused to give up. Struggling to make ends meet in New York City, she found that having your own business was a path to independence. So, she started cleaning a few buildings, then a few offices and houses, and before she knew it, her cleaning business was thriving.


After a visit to the Sunshine State, she fell in love with the beach, the palm trees, and the warm weather. With determination and a strong work ethic, she continued her cleaning business in Florida, building a loyal following of happy customers. However, it wasn’t until she crossed paths with her best friend, Luis Silva, that her business truly began to flourish. Together, they opened new markets in Orlando in 2019 and Miami in 2021, joining forces with the My Cleaning Angel to provide even better service to their customers.


With more than 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry, Juliana has perfected her skills and brought together a remarkable and exceptional team of professionals. They all share a commitment to providing the highest quality cleaning services possible to their customers.

From Cleaner to Business Owner

When Juliana isn’t busy running her business, she likes to spend time with her loved ones and explores the stunning beaches of Florida. Her journey from Brazil to New York City and then Florida has been a wild ride, but she has persevered through every obstacle and come out stronger for it. With grit and determination, she has built an exceptional business that has garnered the trust and loyalty of thousands of satisfied customers.



Today, Juliana’s business has expanded to serve multiple locations across Florida, and she is constantly seeking new ways to improve and innovate. She has become someone you can look up to for inspiration; a force to reckon with indeed!



Juliana Zauli

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