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By opting for our diligent services, you can save time and money. Our professional team of maids will keep your reputation intact, if not improve it due to the consistent tidiness. Zaulimaids offers flexible scheduling, easy booking, and frequent updates on your status. We provide a great rental cleaning experience, one that leaves you with no regrets.

Our trustworthy cleaning experts are certain to check under the beds and furniture for lost items and we assure you that, with integrity, they will report it to the host or property owner accordingly.

Zaulimaids – One of the Most Accredited Providers of Commercial Cleaning Services!

Zaulimaids specializes in providing our clients with a comprehensive range of cleaning services by experienced janitors that cater to your specific needs. Hire us for your general office cleaning every day, once a week, or whatever time you want! Continue reading to find out more about the services and benefits that we provide.

We offer our office cleaning services entirely according to your requirements. While Zaulimaids offers services to a wide range of clients across all cleaning sectors, which require cleaning daily and some more than once a day; we maintain the same standards for others who only require their office cleaned once or twice per week. Get a free quote from us today, make it easier for yourself to reach the best service for your site, and get it altered to suit any budgetary confinements that you may have.

Services We Don’t Offer

Our highly qualified and experienced office cleaning team maintains the cleanliness of your office space, keeping it ready for business operations to proceed. It further makes use of specific disinfection methods to ensure a properly sanitized working space amid the global pandemic. Thereby, preventing the spread of any germs, bacteria, and viruses, mainly the COVID-19.

What To Expect from Zaulimaids?

We understand that no two clients, or office environments, are the same. Therefore, our provision of a bespoke office cleaning service is exemplary. Please know that our office cleaning services would include everything you require to maintain a sanitary working environment, especially during these challenging times.

To counter the Coronavirus’ impact, we are also capable of supporting you with preplanned or urgent last-minute COVID deep cleans, specialized sanitization, and preventative measures for your peace of mind.

A clean office is linked to the reputation of a company, regardless of how big, or small your office is. Thus, our cleaning equipment and staff ensure that your reputation and cleanliness standards remain intact at all costs.

Your Trust Is Our Priority

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Safety first

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We make use of wet floor scrubbers, mini scrubbers to get to crooks and crevices, dry floor sweepers to get rid of the big trash, and vacuum to suck in all the small bits of paper or any other substance that might be missed by the sweepers. Our steam cleaners serve as a good disinfectant, while the pressure washers and special cleaning solutions aid in window glass cleaning. Adding on to this, we can refill soap dispensing and hand drying solutions as required by the office admin. Our cleaners make use of bleach, sponges, microfibril dusters, and degreasers to make your office space sparkle like brand new.

The standard service offered by Zaulimaids includes cleaning common areas and lobbies with our special chemical cleaners. We use chemicals to disinfect furniture and fixtures, clean all shelves, drawers, tables, desks, and thoroughly vacuum and mop both carpeted and tiled floors.

Why Zaulimaids?

Our provision of high-quality janitorial services is bound to keep you satisfied, along with our flexible provisions which can cater to any type of cleaning requirement in Clearwater. While adding value and increasing the productivity of your office staff, our efficient management of chores in an organized manner will allow you to also save up on your precious time and energy. So, book us and ease all your worries, with just one click!
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At Zauli Maids, we understand the importance of a clean work environment. We eliminate dust, odor, dirt, and trash from your office building. We know every office is different, which is why we work with you to create a thorough customized cleaning plan that’ll get the job done efficiently every time. Out op to bottom cleaning will ensure every room and floors are thoroughly cleaned.


We have cleaned all kinds of different businesses, from retail to law offices; from lobbies, open office spaces, kitchens, conference rooms, and more, we clean it all. We keep open communication to ensure your cleaning needs are met fully. Extra sanitation on door handles, electronic equipment, handrails, bathrooms, and other high-touch areas. Trash is removed and we are able to restock supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap) if provided. We offer different office cleaning scheduling to best fit your business needs; after hours, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and as needed.

Extensive customized home cleaning services to fit your needs

Zauli Maids

WITH US -----------

Hiring Zauli Maids

We Treat Your Home Like Our Home

At Zauli Maids we are fully bonded and insured, meaning you can have peace of mind when we enter your home.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Cleaning Crews are professionally trained, and if you’re ever unhappy with any area we’ve cleaned, we’ll return the next day and reclean it.

Immediate, Accurate Online Quotes

Have an upcoming party? Expecting guests? We’ll give an immediate price quote so you can enjoy your time rather than worry about the mess.

WITHOUT US -------

Hiring Someone Else May Not Be What You Expect

Who's Cleaning My House

You might be wondering.. “Can I actually trust the cleaning crew I’ve recently hired? Can I leave them alone in my home?”

This is not up to my expectations

Unfortunately, some crews do not operate at the highest standards, do not offer guarantees, or do not utilize the best cleaning products.

Waiting games

Why wait for a quote when you can get an accurate one immediately?

Extensive customized home cleaning services to fit your needs

One- time cleaning

One-time cleaning gives you an opportunity to get the home clean, you may be preparing for guests or an event, or would like to test out our services. We offer Regular cleaning to do the basics or deep cleanings. We accommodate to ensure your cleaning needs are met.

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Recurring Cleaning

Recurring cleanings can be scheduled for weekly, biweekly, or monthly. We maintain your home clean with no contracts. Need to skip a week? just give us a call. Our detail clean rotating system will ensure all parts of your home will be thoroughly cleaned.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning gives your home some extra love. We focus on parts of the home that are often neglected along with our regular cleaning. Whether you are moving in to a new home or out, clean is our thing.

Post Construction Cleaning

A newly constructed house or after a house remodel, things are dusty, which is why we are here to get your home cleaned before moving in. Hourly service is highly recommended for post-construction.

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