There could be plenty of reasons as to why people move to a new house or apartment.


Oftentimes, it is that the place is nearer to your new workplace or sometimes, it is only because you just want to have a fresh start. However, as per any lease contract in the United States, you can only get your safety deposit once you leave the area in a clean and presentable condition.

In order to abide by the lease contract, you have two options: to either clean your apartment/house on your own or hire a move-out cleaning service. The former is usually feasible in cases when you have ample time, energy, and the space is not too large to work on with your bare hands.

In contrast, when you hire the best residential move-out cleaning services from Zaulimaids, you can rest assured of a cost-effective cleaning solution that will guarantee the withdrawal of your safety deposit. This way, you will save time and can focus on preparing, packing, and loading your belongings to your truck or van.

Moving Home with Expert, One-off Cleaners

Zaulimaids is here to take the stress out of moving out. Aside from moving-out services, we are also currently providing move-in services for people who leave their place and move into an unexpectedly unclean home. If you ever need a move-out deep cleaning service, you can contact Zaulimaids for any details regarding free estimates or an appointment. At Zaulimaids, our mission is to provide high-quality cleaning, environmental safety, and sanitary services to the complete satisfaction of our customers by using up-to-date cleaning technology and a motivated human crew.

Our use of eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products in cleaning your new home in a quick and efficient manner ensures that when we are done, there is no more cleaning work due for you, and you can get to unpacking your boxes right away! We stand by the ideology to work until we have scrubbed your house entirely, regardless of the time it takes. After ensuring that you are100% satisfied with our job at professionally cleaning your home, we leave you to settle comfortably in your squeaky-clean house

Leave Your Cleaning Worries Behind!

At Zaulimaids, we ensure that your bedroom is clean and safe from all dirt, dust, pests, etc. To do so, we make use of professional equipment to clean the furniture that was already present in the new place that you are moving in. This could be dust-covered lampshades, fans, floors, ceilings, fixtures, tables or chairs, and windows and blinds.

Our professional window cleaners are capable of reaching all the hard-to-get-to window cracks and crevices, and we ensure to provide better results than what you would get by doing it yourself. Our crew cleans fragile or brittle furniture, such as windows or mirrors in a way that protects them from damage. For example, in cases of paint on windows, we will make sure to get rid of the paint without scratching the glass.
For bathroom cleaning, we wipe down and disinfect glass surfaces such as the door of your shower cubicle or any present mirrors, the sinks and faucets, vanity tops, vanity cabinets inside and out, toilet, tubs, windows, ceilings, and floors, making sure to get the dirt present between adjacent tiles.

The living area or the dining room could be having a burnt-out fireplace, or dirty windowsills, glass surfaces, or floors. Our professional move-out house cleaning crew ensures to get into every crack and corner of the soon-to-be-yours house to leave your residence looking brand new.

If you choose Zaulimaids for your move-out cleaning services in Clearwater, we will make sure you have your rooms properly cleaned and maintained to preserve their aesthetics and quality.
Zauli Maids

Moving Cleaning - Clearwater - St. Pete

Moving isnt easy, the last thing you should be worried about is getting your new or old place clean. Whether you are moving into a new home or moving out, there are 100 things you need to do. Give yourself a break and take cleaning off your to-do list!   Zauli Maids have helped so many families facilitate their move by providing our professional cleaning services. Our teams are experts in getting every knick of your home in order to remove some stress from moving.   We provide a thorough move in and move out cleaning service, similar to our Deep Cleaning.

What’s the difference between a move-in / move-out and a regular cleaning?

The standard cleaning is for general upkeep. This would include cleaning countertops, floors, dusting blinds, cleaning living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. When doing a move in / move out cleaning there are some extra considerations taken to make sure the residence is ready for your family to move in or the next family.

Well suited for landlords and tennants

Our Deep Cleaning Details


Clean cobwebs from lights, sills & baseboards

Dust all lights, ceiling fans & blades

Clean inside & outside of the microwave

Clean front of all cabinets, handles & sills

Clean & polish hood vent

Clean stove burners, clean & polish stove top, front & control panels

Clean & dry sink counters & soap dish

Clean all light switches & knobs

Clean counters & backsplash

Vacuum and mop floors

Inside oven

Inside cupboards / pantries & inside drawers


Clean cobwebs. Dust shelves

Clean, buff all mirrors & glass

Polish towels racks, toilet paper holder

Clean all light fixtures

Clean & dry tub & tile

Clean & dry shower door, track & glass

Clean front of all cabinets, handles & sills

Clean & Dry sink counters & soap dish

Clean all light switches & knobs

Clean inside & outside toilet; clean the base & the lids

Vacuum and mop

Clean inside medicine cabinet & all other cabinets

Clean inside all drawers

Clean inside linen closet & shelves


Clean cobwebs, dust shelves & pictures

Dust ceiling fan & blades

Clean & buff mirrors

Dust & wipe furniture (if any)

Clean window sills, window frames & chair rails

Clean all light switches & door knobs

Vacuum and mop

Clean inside all drawers

Clean inside linen closet & shelves


Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we are trained in providing the utmost quality.



Wasting time for quote is done with. We provide clear transparent pricing on our website with no hidden fees.


We interview all of our employees, in wich each one undergoes a nationwide background check.


We're locally owned and operated. If we fall to meet your expectations it's our responsibility to make it right and we offer a 200% Money Back Guarantee.


Use our booking page to complete everything online. It's acessible from computers, laptops, tablets and any mobile device.


Weather Live chat, email, twitter, or Facebook we offer round the clock support to ensure we can respond to your requests.

Cash-free Payment

Payments are only precessed once the cleaning is complete. All of our transactions are processed via Stripe through a 256-bit encrypted connection.

Zauli Maids Cleaning Image Before/After 5
Zauli Maids Cleaning Image Before/After 5

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Tyler D
Tyler DSt. Petersburg
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I planned on using a cleaning service once as I do all of the cleaning already but I was so surprised with how detailed and great the cleaning was, I had to schedule a recurring service. Very pleased with the quality and attention from the cleaners and office staff.
John R
John RClearwater
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I’m amazed on the cleaning they did for me, Loved all the details they did and I’m so happy I found a company I can now stick with! I went through plenty of companies before I found the right one! Juliana made me the happiest customer and will recommend to plenty other ! Thank you, for making me feel comfortable and happy in my home!
Jade M
Jade MSt. Petersburg
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They are very quick to respond and accommodating with my schedule. I have them come on a biweekly basis and fell in love with how clean my home gets. Every nook and cranny of my bathroom and kitchen is clean! They're incredible! I'm so happy with the services they provide!
Austin D
Austin DTampa
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They do an amazing job every single time. Safety is my number one concern right now (covid) and the cleaners arrived wearing masks and gloves. They did such a fantastic job that I was shocked that my home was even that dirty to begin with. Highly recommend this company!
Sara C
Sara CPalm Harbor
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WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW Im so impressed about Juliana work. she came with Luis both very professional. They arrived on time I showed them the entire house. they quotes me 2 people for 4 hours each. I had to leave and when I came back I even thought I enter the wrong apartment. Very thorough team I'll have them monthly basis to keep this miracle, I could not believe.
Damien K
Damien KClearwater
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I was looking for house cleaning service and they made my home spotless and made sure that I was satisfied at the end of the cleaning. The employees are trustable and reliable. HIGHLY recommend!!! Thank you.
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