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Do you need a thorough clean-up of the dirt and debris left behind by contractors at your newly constructed house?
While contractors take most of the leftover drywall, paint, carpet, tiles, wood, and pipes with them, there could always be some materials that get left behind. Most of this construction residue is stuff that barely ever comes in handy and tends to take up too much space in your house. You should always be prepared for this part of your post-construction cleaning, which will include getting rid of all the leftover material and debris, by any means. This will not only ensure a clean home, but also one with a low risk of harmful, toxic substances or tools lying around.
Looking around, searching on the internet, and asking your neighbors for house cleaning staff could often be physically and emotionally draining. Hence, Zaulimaids has launched its services in Clearwater to help ease your worries. By pouring our hearts into making every surface shine, we treat each house as it were our own, and work tirelessly to make it squeaky clean.

We are capable of tackling even the messiest of homes with ease and have routine cleaning systems to maximize the efficiency and affordability of the services we provide, hence leaving you with a home that you can be proud of. At Zaulimaids, you can book an appointment with us and explain all your post-construction cleaning requirements.

Professional Cleaning Service During and After Construction

After the completion of your home construction or renovation, the first glance at your renovated home makes you realize that it requires detailed cleaning. Our cleaning operation in the houses after construction or renovation is very different from regular house cleaning services. We are currently providing our clients with detailed post-construction cleaning services. Our experienced and vetted maid and cleaners would give the actual final touch to your house to make it clean and safe for you to start living in the most stress-free environment.
We use special chemicals, cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment, and teamwork for the removal of any sort of mess, pollution, and stains caused by construction. Our professionals bring all the necessary cleaning materials along with them and make your house sparkle. After moving into the house, there would be little to no need for any further cleaning since our advanced products and cleaning methods help your property be spotless and cozy.

Leading Post-Construction Cleanup Services

How do we clean? We clean ceilings, inside windows, frames, all crevices of doors, walls, inside kitchen cabinets, inside small appliances such as coffee machine and microwave, bathroom, and vacuum and mop floors in detail. We also thoroughly wipe down bathroom sinks, toilets, and tubs.

Our experienced cleaning professionals purify every crack and crevice of a renovated house from dust, residue, mortar, and paint accumulated after the construction, along with final disinfection. Let our cleaning professionals make your house livable again and enjoy your time away from stressful house duties!
As mentioned previously, construction can be a dirty business as it leaves behind all sorts of dirt and residues of harmful substances. It is most likely for this dirt and dust to settle on the windows, and by the end of the construction work, the windows tend to have a layer of grime on them. This is not just unappealing to the eyes but will make it almost impossible for light to get through.

Unlike routine or regular house cleaning, post-construction cleaning work is more intensive and may require special tools such as wet/dry vacuums, commercial floor polishers, and shop vacs or bucket vacuums. Zaulimaids has the best post-cleaning equipment to ensure thorough and quality work.

Your Trust Is Our Priority

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Along with detailed and meticulous cleaning, we use only non-toxic and eco-friendly supplies for our post-construction cleaning services in Clearwater, Florida. We understand how some paint chemicals give off toxic fumes, hence, we ensure the use of only safe cleaning supplies and best industry practices.
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There is no better feeling than coming home to a SPOTLESS home; especially without getting your hands wet.

When life gets busy it is important to not neglect your living spaces.


Spend your time focusing on what is really important and leave the hard stuff to the professionals.


We provide WEEKLY, BI-WEEKLY, MONTHLY and ONE-TIME cleaning.


We know life can be unpredictable, which is why we keep our schedule flexible and customizable. We provide all of the supplies and equipment so you don’t have to. Every room in your home is special and our knowledgeable team ensures each room is specially cleaned with our techniques and products.

Extensive customized home cleaning services to fit your needs

One- time cleaning

One-time cleaning gives you an opportunity to get the home clean, you may be preparing for guests or an event, or would like to test out our services. We offer Regular cleaning to do the basics or deep cleanings. We accommodate to ensure your cleaning needs are met.

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Recurring Cleaning

Recurring cleanings can be scheduled for weekly, biweekly, or monthly. We maintain your home clean with no contracts. Need to skip a week? just give us a call. Our detail clean rotating system will ensure all parts of your home will be thoroughly cleaned.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning gives your home some extra love. We focus on parts of the home that are often neglected along with our regular cleaning. Whether you are moving in to a new home or out, clean is our thing.

Post Construction Cleaning

A newly constructed house or after a house remodel, things are dusty, which is why we are here to get your home cleaned before moving in. Hourly service is highly recommended for post-construction.


Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we are trained in providing the utmost quality.
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