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How to Feng Shui your Bedroom to Bring in Positive Energy

According to feng shui, your bedroom symbolizes you.

Therefore, any changes made in the bedroom may affect you more notably compared to other rooms in the house. The bedroom should primarily be a place for relaxation, rest, and romance. Before we get started on how to boost the feng shui in your bedroom, first let’s declutter and clean the energy space. We recommend burning some palo santo, sage or even cedar. Get out your cleaning supplies and clean your room (or hire Zauli Maids). A positive environment first starts with a clean canvas to work with.


To promote harmony in the bedroom, let’s focus on the layout. One of the most important pieces of furniture would be your bed. Your bed should be in the “command position”, which means it should be facing the door so you can see the entryway while you’re lying down. Beds that are placed on the same wall of the door are said to make you feel threatened or have an unpleasant surprise while you’re asleep.

Beds should always have a headboard as well! According to feng shui, headboards provide a supported feeling. Headboards can be purchased separately if you only have a box spring. Ensure the headboard is sturdy and not wobbly. Avoid headboards that are heavy or “cast-iron” because they have a more cutting energy. Headboards that are made of fabric and soft have a more inviting feel to them.

Good things come in pairs

Feng Shui loves pairs because they promote harmonious and loving energy. Even if you are not in a relationship, outfit your bedroom in pairs.

Here is a small list of pair worthy items:

– 2 matching/similar nightstands

– 2 matching/similar lamps

– 2 pillows

Color Scheme

In feng shui, certain color schemes provide peaceful vibes and greatest sensuality, as well as promote tranquil sleep. Color schemes that resemble skin tones, neutral tones and shades found in nature.

Some color examples are cream, brown, peach, and off-white.

Foster your five-senses

Smell: Non-toxic relaxing scents are great, especially oil diffusers. Some of our favorite essential oil scents are lavender, ylang-ylang, eucalyptus, and jasmine.

Touch: Since you are in your bed for at least 8 hours a day, it is important to have sheets, pillows, and your blanket being soft on your skin. Think Egyptian cotton, silk, or satin.

Sight: Have decor that brings you joy and stick to earthy colors.

Taste: Food should be avoided in the bedroom. Instead opt for teas or water.

Sound: The sound of water or a white noise machine can help promote restful and deep sleep.

What to Avoid

We have talked about what to add to your bedroom, now let’s discuss what to avoid. I’m sure this will come to no surprise but technology should be avoided. We are surrounded by technology all day so making your sanctuary (bedroom) a tech-free room can promote relaxation. In feng shui, mirrors are typically avoided in the bedroom because they reflect energy. If having a mirror is essential in the bedroom then ensure it is facing something that brings joy. Sharp corners should also be avoided, especially on the nightstand near your head. There also shouldn’t be anything underneath your bed, as clutter underneath can create stress and headaches.

We hope you enjoyed some of our tips & tricks in Feng shui. What are some tips that you’ll incorporate?

We love to hear from you.

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