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Why do you need to Disinfect your sink Every Day?

Did you know the kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest spots in your home? And that’s where all your dishes go! 🤮 After washing dishes all day with soap, you’d think that your kitchen sink would stay clean? but unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Kitchen Sinks can be dirtier than toilets

Think about all of the things you wash in your kitchen sink… dirty dishes, dirty hands, fruit from the store, pet bowls, and anything else you may use your kitchen sink for. Everything you’re washing off lands and stays in your sink. That moist environment sounds like an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to me. Let not forget so are the food particles and other residues left behind when you wash dishes.

Dirty Sinks may Cause Cross-Contamination

Washing Poultry and meats have been a practice we all have heard about to remove bacteria from our raw poultry but this practice is not keeping our kitchen sinks clean, in fact, it is spreading bacteria to surrounding areas as well. Raw poultry can lead to cross-contamination from dirty sinks. That’s because bacteria-filled water droplets can travel up to two feet away from your sink when you’re washing hands or any other dirty surface. So, any clean dishes near your sink can be contaminated. Anything that touches contaminated surfaces gets contaminated, too. Bacteria on one surface can fly onto a clean surface, then things (forks, cups, etc) touching that newly-contaminated surface spread the mess elsewhere. Taking it from the kitchen to your bedroom. To make matters even worse, harmful bacteria live on contaminated surfaces longer than you may think: up to an hour for campylobacter, and twenty-four hours for e. Coli! Now, I know you are tempted to run to your kitchen and deep clean your kitchen or even call in for some help with our cleaning professionals. But creating a daily habit of keeping your sink clean and minimize the bacteria by a ton!

How to Keep your Sink Clean

Keeping the kitchen sink clean can prevent cockroaches, pests such as fruit flies, and food poisoning. Dirty sinks also cause kitchen odors as well. Fortunately, good kitchen sink hygiene isn’t difficult when following a few daily steps:

Encourage household members to use bathroom sinks to wash their hands, rather than the kitchen sink. Wash your sink with dish soap and hot water after doing the dishes.

Run your garbage disposal every time you cook or do the dishes, so food doesn’t build up in the drain.

Scrub your sink often with the DIY Soft scrub cleaner

Use a homemade disinfecting sink spray below at least once a day and any time you cook raw poultry. I use this every night. (recipe below)

Homemade/DIY Disinfecting Sink Spray

Materials: Spray Bottle


– 1/2 cup Isopropyl Alcohol

– 1/2 cup Water

-4 drops of Castile soap (or liquid dish detergent)

– 10-15 drops of lemon essential oil (deodorizes)

Mix in the spray bottle and spray when needed, wait 5 minutes so the products can work their magic then wipe down with a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

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